Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy committee is charged with working to promote outreach and bookmobile services and their purpose on a national level.

Michelle Fernandez


Awards Committee

The Awards committee is charged with distribution of awards, grants, and scholarships. The amount of scholarship and types of awards and grants will be determined by the Board of Directors. The committee will have an uneven number of members for voting purposes and of a number determined by the Chairperson.

David Kelsey


By-Laws Committee

The Bylaws committee is charged with reviewing the bylaws every five years. The Chairperson shall be appointed as needed.

David Kelsey


Bookmobile/Outreach Information Repository (BOIR)

Goals: ABOS is aiming to archive, unify, and further bookmobile and library outreach services worldwide with a multipurpose database.  This compiled information will be used in a variety of ways to enhance and promote library outreach services worldwide.

Libraries quietly provide bookmobile and outreach services to their local Communities, be it homebound and senior services, service to daycare facilities, schools or the incarcerated.  Outreach services are ever-evolving, thanks in part to new technologies and the creativity of library personnel.  They have been and will continue to be a critical link connecting underserved populations to books, computers, and other resources that promote early childhood literacy, lifelong learning, and community enrichment. 

To date, these valuable services have not been adequately archived for future reference or appropriately surveyed at a high level to help ensure their continued success. The BOIR project aims to change that for the good of all.

Michael Swendrowski

Zach Roberts


Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning committee is chaired by the President. The Chairperson shall manage the ABOS Conference. The Conference

Planning Committee is charged with the program, speakers, events, vendors, exhibitions, and other duties as needed. Conference sub-

committees shall be formed as needed. Please note that we have divided the responsibilities.

For questions about the 2021 ABOS Conference and awards, please contact David.

David Kelsey, President

630-549-8969 (work)

630-464-9200 (cell)

For questions about the 2021 vendors and sponsors, please contact Cathy.

Cathy Zimmerman, Past President

563-285-4794 ext 2237 (work)
563-320-5048 (cell)

For questions about 2021 ABOS Conference registration, please contact Lori.

Lori Berezovsky, Vice President

785-825-4624 x249 (work)

785-342-4538 (cell)

For questions about 2021 ABOS Conference programs, please contact Karen.

Karen Bradley, Secretary

303-792-8999 x 12615

Continuing Ed  Committee

The Continuing Education committee is charged with planning and implementing professional development and networking opportunities in the fields of library outreach throughout the year.

Jenn Koetz


Finance Committee

The Treasurer, serving as the Finance Committee Chairperson, shall work with the President, Vice President, Secretary, Past Treasurer and any appointed members (by the President and as approved by the Board of Directors) to oversee the finances of ABOS. The Finance committee is charged with developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, filing of annual paperwork associated with the finances, a fundraising plan, and proposals for the annual budget.

Brooke Bahnsen


Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning committee is charged with providing direction to ABOS for future conference sites. The long range planning committee does not have authority to sign negotiated contracts without the approval of the Board of Directors.

Cathy Zimmerman

563-285-4794 ext 2237 (work)
563-320-5048 (cell)

Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee is charged with increasing the membership’s awareness of ABOS. In addition the Marketing committee publishes the quarterly newsletter and manages the social media platforms.

Lori Berezovsky

785-825-4624 x249 (work)

785-342-4538 (cell)

Membership Committee

The Membership committee is charged with membership development and recruitment. The committee will work with the President to promote member involvement within ABOS.

Crystal Harris

314-994-3300 ext. 2330 (work)

Nominations Committee

The Nominations committee, chaired by the Past President, shall manage the annual election and nominations. This committee is charged with forming a slate of Nominees.

Cathy Zimmerman

563-285-4794 ext 2237 (work)
563-320-5048 (cell)

Technology Committee

The Technology committee is charged with working with the Board of Directors to create and maintain an interactive website for the

membership. In addition, this committee shall incorporate new technologies, as they become available, to enhance the exposure of

ABOS. They also play a vital role in providing technical assistance during the annual conference. In the event that technologies advance beyond the capabilities of members of the ABOS, the Board of Directors shall hire a technology specialist or appoint an Ex-Officio Board Member to perform the functions of this committee.

Robin Rousu


Brooke Bahnsen



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