2019 Official ABOS Board of Directors Election Results

Cathy Zimmerman, Vice President/President Elect

Lori Berezovsky, Secretary

Katrina Ford, Member-at-Large

Wendy Ramsey, Member-at-Large

Zach Roberts, Member-at-Large


2019 ABOS Board of Directors

Susan Parkins, President, 2019

Cathy Zimmerman, Vice President/President Elect, 2019

Lori Berezovsky, Secretary, 2019

David Kelsey, Treasurer, 2019

Tina Williams, Past President, 2018

N/A, Past Treasurer, 2019

Kim McNeil-Capers, Board Member 2019 

Brock Hutchison, Board Member 2019

Michael Swendrowski, Board Member 2019

Zach Roberts, Board Member 2019

Wendy Ramsey, Board Member 2019

Katrina Ford, Board Member 2019


2018 ABOS Board of Directors

Tina Williams, President, 2018

Susan Parkins, Vice President/President Elect, 2018

Lori Berezovsky, Secretary, 2017

David Kelsey, Treasurer, 2018-2019

Ann Plazek, Past President, 2018

Brooke Bahnsen, Past Treasurer, 2018

Kim McNeil-Capers, Board Member, 2017-2018                               

Thomas Moore, Board Member 2017-2018 (January 2017-February 2018)

Brock Hutchison, Board Member 2018-2019

Michael Swendrowski, Board Member, 2018-2019

Kris Ringwalt, Board Member 2018

Cathy Zimmerman, Board Member 2018

Brandon Thompson, Board Member 2018 (April 2018–December 2018)


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