"ABOS is the only organization where when you say you do "outreach services", no one asks "what is that?". ABOS is the one organization that provides ideas, solutions, support, and encouragement for any type of outreach services and programming. It is unique in its focus and goals. It is the one organization that has made me understand the importance of this type of service to the library and to the community that the library serves. "

- Pattie Johnston, Past ABOS President

"ABOS is the only place I can tell a story that ends with 'and the generator died!' and everyone gets it!  My friends and colleagues at ABOS have been a lifeline through all my years in Outreach Services."

- Willow Gale

What was your primary reason for attending the ABOS conference?

"We are purchasing a  new bookmobile and wanted to see all of the vendors in one place."

"To connect with other bookmobile staff and learn how other systems manage their outreach departments."

"We are revitalizing our mobile services."

What did you take-away from the ABOS conference?

"A wealth of knowledge about bookmobiles including experience from other libraries and the opportunity to see vehicles that could work with our system and budget."

 "The feeling of not being alone in the field."

ABOS Conference Feedback

"Having bookmobiles to view - it's a must for anyone in the market to purchase!"

"Variety of sessions that are offered multiple times...brilliant!"

"I really enjoyed the vehicle showcase."

"Great speakers!!"

"The bookmobile tours are always great."

"The sessions are so helpful."

"[Great] vendor involvement, bookmobiles on parade, and sessions."


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