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Let's book It In Raleigh


The 2018 Conference, "Let's Book It In Raleigh" will be held in Raleigh, NC on October 17-19, 2018

Mayor Nancy McFarlane, Raleigh, NC welcomes ABOS to the city!

“Reading is a fundamental life skill, but also provides opportunity for adventure, building relationships and being engaged in the world around you,” said Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane. “I am so pleased that the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services is visiting Raleigh this year. In addition to the learning and professional development that will part of the ABOS annual library conference, I hope attendees will enjoy the arts, parks, shopping and extraordinary restaurants that we have to offer.”  

- Raleigh, NC, Mayor, Nancy McFarlane

Please also check out Visit Raleigh and the North Carolina State Fair website.


Early Bird (May 29-September 7) Member $275
Early Bird (May 29-September 7) Non-Member $375

Advanced (September 8-October 1) Member $325
Advanced (September 8-October 1) Non-Member $425

On-Site (October 16-18) Member $350
On-Site (October 16-18) Non-Member $450

One Day, Wednesday or Thursday, $225, Member
One Day, Wednesday or Thursday, $325, Non-Member
One Day, Friday, $100 (Member and Non-Member)

Those presenting or driving their bookmobiles may be eligible for a discount.

In addition, there are fees for the speaker luncheon, t-shirts, and tours.


Membership [Only $49 per person/per yer]

Membership Questions: or 800-843-8482 ext 2895

2018 Conference General Schedule

4:00pm - Check-In Desk Opens

7:00am - Meditation with Brandon Thompson
7:30am - Table Top Breakfast
9:00am - Opening Ceremonies
11:45am - Author Luncheon with Margaret Maron ($35)

Born and bred in North Carolina where the piedmont meets the sandhills, I grew up on a modest two-mule tobacco farm that has been in the family for over a hundred years. Tobacco is no longer grown on the farm, but the memories linger — the singing, the laughter, the gossip that went on at the bench as those rank green leaves came from the field, the bliss of an icy cold drink bottle pressed to a hot sweaty face, getting up at dawn to help “take out” a barn, the sweet smell of soft golden leaves as they’re being readied for auction. Working in tobacco is one of those life experiences I’m glad to have had. I’m even gladder that it’s something I’ll never have to do again.

After high school came two years of college before a summer job at the Pentagon led to marriage, a tour of duty in Italy while my husband was in the Navy, then several years in his native Brooklyn. I had always loved writing and for the first few years, wrote nothing but short stories and very bad poetry. (The legendary Ruth Cavin of St. Martin’s Press once said of the silly verses I write to celebrate various friends “It's doggerel, Margaret. But inspired doggerel.” I was immensely flattered.)

Eventually, I backed into writing novels about NYPD Lt. Sigrid Harald, mysteries set against the New York City art world. Living there let me see how the city is a collection of villages, each with its own vitality and distinct ambiance, vibrant and ever-changing. But once I had settled back into North Carolina, love of my native state and a desire to write out of current experiences led to the creation of District Court Judge Deborah Knott, the opinionated daughter of a crusty old ex-bootlegger and youngest sibling of eleven older brothers. (I was one of only three, so no, I’m not writing about my own family.)

We’ve been back on a corner of the family land for many years now. My city-born husband discovered he prefers goldfinches, rabbits, and the occasional quiet deer to yellow cabs, concrete, and a city that never sleeps. A son, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters are icing on our cake.

Why mysteries? Quite honestly, when I first chose this genre, it was because I thought I had nothing to say and the classic mystery novel had a form that would let me write without any burden of trying to be profound. All I had to do was entertain. But once I began writing about North Carolina, I realized that there was nothing I couldn’t say in this most flexible form.

-       Margaret Maron,

TBA - Vendors & Workshops
TBA - Evening Dine-Around & Wake County’s Cameron Village Library Tour

7:00am - Meditation
7:30am - Table Top Breakfast
TBA - Vendors & Workshops
5:30pm - Networking Night Event on-site with food trucks and band

7:30am - Table Top Breakfast
TBA - Vendors & Workshops

12:00pm - Author Luncheon with Brian Sturm ($30) 


Brian began telling stories on his older brother about the age of four, but his professional career as a freelance storyteller of world folktales began 30 years ago as an outdoor educator of fifth grade children in the redwood forests of California, and as a children’s librarian in Rhode Island and Indiana. He has since built a teaching and research career at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, centered on the entrancing power of narrative, and he has performed internationally for festivals, libraries, and schools.

Closing (ends at 2:00pm)

Immediately Following Closing — Conference Wrap-Up Board Meeting


The ABOS Conference is partially underwritten by the generosity of our valued vendors, sponsors and exhibitors who help defray some of the costs. We could not have the terrific conferences that we have without their continued support!





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Hilton North Raleigh - SOLD OUT


Visit the Hyatt Place North Raleigh-Midtown

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