My ABOS Story - Cathy Zimmerman, BOIR Fundraising Chair

I started my Outreach career in October of 2004 as a sub for the bookmobile. In 2005, the full time position was offered to me. I knew nothing about bookmobiles or outreach and began researching networks for others in the field. I happened upon ABOS and was thrilled. There were others doing the same thing I was doing everyday!!!

In 2013, I finally convinced the Director of the library to allow me to join. I attended my first conference in 2015 in St Charles, Illinois. Walking away from that conference, I was full of new ideas, I had made new friends and gained new confidence in how to move forward with my career.  Many of the outreach librarians from Iowa were present and we formed an Iowa coalition meeting several times a year.

By 2016 when I attended the Covington, Kentucky conference I was able to greet old friends, make another set of new friends and network with so many people. I knew I wanted to really get involved in ABOS and joined the BOIR committee. I so enjoyed being on the committee. When 2017 rolled around and we were headed for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I threw in my hat to be a presenter and was selected. As the conference came to an end, I decided it was time to move up and run for a board position. As an at-large member of the board, I continued my work with the BOIR committee (eventually becoming the chair of the fundraising sub committee) as well as being on the Long Range Planning committee and a sub committee of the conference planning committee.

Being an ABOS member allows you to be as involved as you want while providing access to a network of professionals who are there to help. I urge everyone to think about being an active member of the organization - join a committee or run for a board position.


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