My ABOS Story - Ann Plazek, Past ABOS President

My first experience with ABOS was at the Conference in Columbus in 2008 as I was brand new to Outreach.  I had a wonderful time and met some incredible people, but was kind of overwhelmed and just soaked everything in.  In 2011, the conference was close to home in Cleveland and I was able to take our bookmobile to the conference. This is when I realized how truly magical this conference is and how passionate the ABOS board members are.  I wanted to attend the 2012 Conference in Richmond, VA but knew my library was not likely to send me unless I could offset the cost by presenting. I was ready and had a great topic, but unfortunately health reasons prevented me from attending and a colleague presented in my place.  Again in 2014 I submitted a presentation for the San Diego Conference and was thrilled when it was accepted.

It was in San Diego that I first had conversations with the board members who were all so very open and welcoming.  Then President, Eletha Davis encouraged me to run for a board position. I was shocked, but flattered and then after thinking about it I asked my boss what she thought and she encouraged me to run.  I joined the board in 2015 having no idea what to expect and then ran for Vice President in 2016. It has been a privilege to serve for the past 3 years and has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much about the organization, library outreach and leadership while making incredible life-long friends.


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