Conversations with Cathy

Join Cathy Zimmerman, 2021 ABOS Past President, during this regular series, showcasing short informative conversations with our partners at ABOS. Let's discover who they are, what they do .... how they can help ABOS in its outreach endeavors and how, in return, ABOS can help our partners spread the word about their programs and initiatives.  

Conversations with Cathy #1: Federal Trade Commission

Join Cathy Zimmerman, 2021 ABOS Past President, as she converses with Carol Kando-Pineda of the Federal Trade Commission. Learn about the scams that are going around in the world, how to prevent and report them. In addition, learn how ABOS can be a part of National Consumer Protection Week which will take place Feb 28 - Mar 6, 2021.

Conversations with Cathy #2: "All Aboard!" Membership Campaign

Join Cathy Zimmerman, 2021 ABOS Past President, as she interviews David Kelsey, 2021 ABOS President, about the new 2021 ABOS “All Aboard!” Membership Campaign. David shares how individuals can support the “All Aboard!” Membership Campaign, the benefits of becoming an ABOS member, and why those in the outreach field should become a member of the association in 2021.

Conversations with Cathy #3: National Library Outreach Day

Join Cathy Zimmerman, 2021 ABOS Past President, as she discusses the rebranding of National Library Outreach Day 2021 with Amber Hayes, Outreach and Communications Program Officer for the American Library Association's (ALA) Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services (ODLOS).


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