Elections will take place starting on Nov. 29 - Dec. 9, 2019

Candidates for Board of Directors


Vice President/President Elect (3 year term)

Secretary (1 year term)

Board Member at Large (2 year term)

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What to Expect

All of our board meetings occur via phone conference except for the meeting at the annual conference.  Typically the board meets once a month for an hour or two. In addition to the monthly board meeting, board members are encouraged to be involved with one of our many committees, ideally as a chair or co-chair.  Board members are also expected to attend the annual conference and do receive a free registration and a $300 stipend toward expenses.

My ABOS Story - Lori Berezovsky, Secretary and Marketing Chair

I have worked at Salina Public Library for 24 years, starting in the reference department. Ten years ago a new outreach department was formed and I was selected to head up the department. Around that same time, I discovered ABOS by accident as I was googling something else and immediately became a member. Being the only one doing outreach at my library, ABOS was a lifeline! I attend as many conferences as I can and always come away with great ideas for future services, as well as new contacts and friends.

I’ve been on the ABOS board, serving as Secretary, for one year. I actually ran for the VP/President position, but came in second. Since no one ran for the Secretary position I was asked to take that role. I’m so glad I did! In the past, I’d served on the Advocacy Committee and got a taste of what the committees do. As secretary, I’m responsible for accurately recording the minutes from our board meetings. In that role, it is so interesting to hear what goes on with all the committees and how together we move the organization forward and make it stronger. The board is supportive and I consider all the board members to be professional allies as well as friends.

As the chair of the Marketing Committee I have made sure that there will be t-shirts and other fun things for sale at the conference, all of which help support ABOS, as well as saw the creation of the premiere issue of the the new ABOS newsletter, “Out and About”. It not only takes a committee to put all of this together, but it takes input from all the organization’s members.

As I start my second year as Secretary I’d like to offer this advice: If you are passionate about outreach and wish to help shape the future of ABOS, then do yourself a favor and run for office. You can’t serve if you don’t run!

Past My ABOS Stories

Ann Plazek, Past President

Susan Parkins, President

Cathy Zimmerman, Vice-President

Kim McNeil-Capers, Advocacy Chair


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