#morethanbooks: Scalable Outreach Programming - Rachel Yzaguirre  (PDF) (PPT)

Ability Inclusive: Developing and Executing Outreach Programs for All Abilities - Kristen Sherry and Emily Ehrenheim (PPT)

Advocating for Outreach Services - Eletha Davis, Pattie Johnston, Ann Plazek and Marianne Thompson (PDF) (PPT

(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about Book Bikes but Were Afraid to Ask - Ana Devine and Teri Scallon (PDF) (PPT)

Better Together - Maggie Peterson (PDF) (PPT) (Video Link)

The Book Box: A Sustainable Outreach Success - Johnna Schultz (PDF) (PPT)

Bookin' It On the Boardwalk: Building Partnerships, Attracting New Users, and Running Down a Dream - Tara Bordon (PDF) (PPT)

Bootstrapping Outreach - Matt Phillips  (PDF) (PPT)

Cool Things to Do with Kids and Books - Kendra Wight   (PDF)  (Handout1)   (Handout2)

Farber Specialty Vehicles - Martin Marek  (PDF) (PPT)

Flaunt Yourself: Marketing your Outreach Department - Tameka Roby (PDF) (PPT)

Getting Started with School Services - Erin Linsenmeyer and Karen Schell (PDF) (PPT)

Good Problems to Have and How We Worked Through Them - Teri Scallon and Carl Cutler (PDF) (PPT)

Good Vibrations: Music Programming for Adults with Differing Abilities - Lynde McCaleb and Amy Ortiz  [upload delayed]

How We Measure the Impact of Outreach Services - Michelle Gordon (PDF) (PPT)

How to Specify a Bookmobile or Outreach Vehicle - Michael Swendrowski and Barbara Battles (PDF) (PDF2) (PDF3) (PPT)

Introduction to the Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services [ODLOS] and its Resources - Amber Hayes (PDF) (PPT)

Jayden has Three Mommies: Serving Marginalized Populations in Rural Utah - Shawn Bliss and Becky Lopshire (PDF) (PPT)

Large Print: It's Not Just for Your Grandmother Anymore - Bonnie Simcock and Sue Flewelling (PDF) (PPT)

LDV: Building Better Bookmobiles - Cory Weithaus  (PDF) (PPT)

Matthews Specialty Vehicles (PPT) (PDF)

Multilingual Storytimes: Partnerships with Community Organizations -  Rick Medrano (PDF) (PPT

Outreach? What's that? Zach Roberts (PDF) (PPT)

Preschool on Wheels: Delivering on School Readiness - Alejandra Cruz and Raemona Little Taylor  (PDF) (PPT) 

Serving Patrons with Dementia: How to Meet Patrons Where They Are - Marie Ingram and Manon Merewether (PDF)  (PPT)

So you wanna volunteer - Cathy Zimmerman No presentation available 

Summit Body Works - Laura Nederbragt (PDF)

When "We've Always Done it This Way" Starts to Get in the Way: Beginning Adventures in Service Assessment - Kate Morgan (PDF) (PPT)

Where Do We Go? Developing Priorities and Criteria for Outreach Services - Robin Rousu, Rosa Granado and Karen Schell (PPT

Where Will We PopUp Next? Meeting Customers Where They Are - Kristen Sherry and Brittany Steck (PDF) (PPT)

Winnebago Industries - Robert Kim (PDF) (PPT)

Working with Multi-Needs Children: An Introduction to Inclusion - Erin Linsenmeyer (PDF) (PPT)


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