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The Association of Bookmobile & Outreach Services is the premier resource for outreach professionals.

2016 Presentations and Handouts
Theme: Outreach Service - Building Community
Last updated at 11:30 am on 11/11/16  [Webmaster Note: This is a work in progress]

2016 Conference Program

ABOS 101 with the ABOS Board Members
This was an informal Q & A Session.

ABOS Welcome to those who are new - ABOS President and Vice President
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ALA Outreach Toolkits Focus Session - John Amundsen
Presentation          Presentation-PDF

Books for Bedtime - Meagan Warren
Presentation    Presentation-PDF    Video     Link to Facebook Featured Story

Be Well, Do Good - Kalena Powell
Handout 1    Handout 2   Integrating Wellness-PDF

BOIR Presentation - Michael Swendrowski
PDF File    Presentation File   BOIR Data Points   BOIR Project Scope     BOIR Sample 

Don't Push the River - Deborah Gonzales
Presentation-PDF     Don't Push the River Presentation    Links to articles-PDF

Expanding Services and Outreach Through Community Partnerships - Zina Clark and Ruth Mahaffy
Presentation     Presentation-PDF

From the Street to the Beach: The Queens Library Mobile Bus Tour 2016 - Kim McNeil-Capers and Julia Hua
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Help! I'm a new outreach Librarian - Sarah Hammershaimb
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The Little Bookmobile That Could - Cassandra Elton and Braedin Jones
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Minimizing Generator Usage  while Maximizing Connectivity  - Michael Swendrowski and Ed Walton
Presentation    Presentation-PDF   Minimizing Generator Brochure     Minimizing Generator-SVS-Clients    Minimizing Generator - Swendrowski-BIO

Packhorse Librarians of KY  - Beth Milburne and Wane Onkst
Here is the link to the video (coming soon)  Video    Transcript for Video
Reach Out to Your Local Transition Centers - Karen Bradley
Presentation    Presentation-PDF
S3: Strategies for Serving Seniors - David Kelsey and Lynda Spraner
Presentation    PDF file   Application-Word      Application-PDF    Special Borrowing -Word    Special Borrowing-PDF

Serving Patrons with Dementia  - Tina Williams and David Kelsey
Presentation   Presentation-PDF    Resources      Speed Networking
Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) Group:  Serving Patrons with Dementia

STEM and Early Literacy Activities for Preschool Children - Victoria Penny
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Read Make Play! - Amytha Willard
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Volunteers: The Pros, The Cons.
Making the Experience a Positive One for Your Library and the Volunteer - Joanne White
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